This blog will be designed to offer different workouts for individuals of different body types, different levels of experiences, and with different access to facilities and weights. Each house and kingdom within Westeros will be broken down by characters and a daily workout will be provided for each character. These workouts will be seven days a week with different aspects and parts of the body to ensure that the most benefit is gained from the workout. Each workout will be based off of who the character is and how they behave in their daily lives within Westeros. For example Hodor workouts would be for someone who is attempting to gain mass and lift based off of power lifts; whereas Syrio Forel workouts would entail increasing agility and muscular endurance. Whether you are attempting to gain muscle mass, slim down, increase your flexibility, lose weight, work on your cardio, or just have a fun workout there will be a program catered to your needs. Enjoy!

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    1. I’ll make sure to put some good yoga workouts you could do at home up in the next few days. Hopefully that will let you find out whether yoga works for you or not

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A Game of Thrones Approach to Fitness

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